Payment with a fingertip

End-to-End Independent Mobile Payment System
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How the system works

The Card Payment Evolution Line

From Ancient to the Future

The horizon system consists of these components:

1. the merchant terminal app

2. the consumer app

3. the horizon backend

It stands for a modern, independent, end-to-end mobile payment solution fully controlled by the stakeholders.

It’s unique – It’s horizon

horizon stands for a comprehensive solution based on in-depth payment knowledge combined with outstanding technical features to ensure a competitive, yet user friendly product. It’s prepared to be utilized in various cases, geographies and environments.

1. It’s completely software based

No terminal hardware is needed.

2. It’s end-to-end

One solution to cover and initiate the entire process and value chain.

3. It’s flexible and scalable

From the local solution to the countrywide coverage.

4. It’s secure

Highest standards are met by all-encrypted traffic and tokenization.

5. It’s ubiquitous

iOS and Android versions wait to excel expectations.

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