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The Way You Pay

Imagine a world where you can pay for anything with just a wave of your phone. No cash, no cards, no terminals, no hassle. Just a simple, smart, and safe way to make digital transactions anywhere, anytime. That’s the world that VIPASO is creating.

The Future of Payments

Discover VIPASO!

VIPASO is a revolutionary mobile payment solution that uses Bluetooth Smart© technology to connect your smartphone with merchants and businesses. Whether you want to pay for your groceries, order food online, or book a cab. VIPASO makes it swift, easy, and secure.

See How It Works

With VIPASO, the future of Mobile Payment starts today. See how!

Empowering Businesses Globally

Our relentless mission is to empower emerging economies with an accessible and affordable mobile payment solution. Through unwavering commitment, we’re driving financial inclusion to new heights, revolutionizing possibilities for individuals and businesses alike.

90% of PoS transactions can be digitized using VIPASO 's technology

100% Software Based

Two apps. Tap and Pay. As easy as that.


One solution to initiate and administer the entire mobile payment process.

Flexible and Scalable

Connect VIPASO with your existing bank account, credit and debit card, mobile number account or wallet.

Highly Secured

Highest standards are met by all-encrypted traffic and tokenization.

White-Label Solution

For Your Brand

VIPASO is a white-label solution that can be adapted and designed according to our customers' requirements. Easily customize VIPASO to match your brand identity, customer experience, and business goals.

With VIPASO’s white label solution, you can create a unique and competitive mobile payment solution that reflects your vision and values.

Benefits of VIPASO



No need to carry cash, cards, or wallets. Just tap your phone and pay in seconds.



No need to scan QR codes, enter PINs, or sign receipts. Confirm payment with just a simple gesture.


Online & Offline

No service? No bandwidth? No issue! Use VIPASO for all your payments, online and offline.



No need to collect stamps, coupons, or vouchers. Just earn points and redeem them through our loyalty functions.



No need to search for nearby stores, check balances, or track expenses. Just use VIPASO's location mapping, transaction history, and loyalty functions.



Use your existing bank account, credit and debit card, mobile number account or wallet as the funding source or target of your transactions.



Your payment instrument's data is never stored on your phone or the merchant’s phone. All data exchange is encrypted and tokenized.


24x7 Support

VIPASO provides round-the-clock customer support via chat, email, or phone. You can get help with any issue related to your transactions.

VIPASO App Showcases

Consumer App

Merchant App

VIPASO Supports
Feature Phones

What Clients Are Saying

Join the Revolution.

Join the Revolution.

VIPASO is designed to be user-friendly, cost-effective, and inclusive for various geographies and environments. It’s the most convenient and affordable mobile payment solution in the market.

Join the Revolution.