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The world is ready for a new payment paradigm

A state-of-the-art payment solution, usable anywhere in the world, independent from payment schemes, mobile phone companies, mobile operators or existing financial rails, based on Bluetooth Smart© data transmission technology:

Our Solution

What We Do

Mobile payment is THE megatrend in the payment sector and will continue to gain massive importance in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has highlighted the necessity and advantage of contactless payment. Currently, there are already various applications in the market, which, however, is still at an early stage and will develop dynamically in the future and offer room for further solutions.

The Product

Unlike previous solutions, horizon focuses on the complete digitalization of the payment process: on the one hand, no physical payment card is needed (it is „tokenised“, i.e. encrypted) and no physical payment terminal on the other. This highly developed solution is extremely easy to use for the merchant and the consumer and considerably lowers the barrier for entry to digital and mobile payment, therefore promoting financial inclusion and suggesting for individual, local payment solution – for all geographies. Find out more

Why horizon?


What is needed is simple, two handsets, two apps and one solution: by simply waving the handsets to each other and tapping “ok” – the payment is done.

Works anywhere in the world

Pushing the boundaries to a new horizon.

Driving digital revenue

Successful loyalty features and coupon campaigns can help retailers acquire customers and drive online sales. Therefore increasing offline sales and foot traffic to physical stores.

Payment with a fingertip

The Smartphone and mobile handset have become the ubiquitous device in the hands of billions of people, worldwide. Banks, financial institutions, retailers, shopping mall operators and many more are striving to provide easy, reliable, resilient and convenient payment solutions.

Redefining Retail

Customers want to avoid the store’s check-out lane but experience convenient, hassle-free payment directly at the agent

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