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Payments between Feature Phones and Smartphones!

At VIPASO, we believe in inclusivity and accessibility for all. That's why we're excited to announce a game-changing feature:

Payments between Feature Phones and Smartphones.

🤝 Connectivity for All: Bridge the gap between feature phone users and smartphone owners, enabling seamless transactions between both devices.

🔁 Two-Way Transactions: Whether you're using a basic feature phone or the latest smartphone, you can send and receive payments effortlessly.

📲 Easy Integration: Our intuitive interface ensures that both feature phone and smartphone users can navigate transactions with ease.

  1. Financial Inclusion: Empower feature phone users with the ability to participate in digital transactions, regardless of their device.
  2. Convenience: Instant payments between devices, no internet required.
  3. Wider Reach for Businesses: Enable small businesses to accept payments from a broader customer base, fostering growth and opportunity.
  1. Simple Interface: Access our payment platform through USSD for feature phones or via our mobile app for smartphones.
  2. Enter Details: Enter the amount you wish to receive.
  3. Confirmation: Confirm the transaction, and voilà! The payment is processed instantly.

Merchant Payments: Small businesses can accept payments from customers using any type of phone.

With our feature phone to smartphone payments, we're breaking down barriers and empowering everyone to participate in the digital economy.

Join us in making financial services accessible to all!

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