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VIPASO X Mastercard

VIPASO joins the Mastercard Start Path Emerging Fintech Program

VIPASO is pleased to announce they have been selected by Mastercard to participate in Mastercard’s prestigious Start Path Emerging Fintech Program. The participation represents a step-change in VIPASO’s journey. 

VIENNA, Austria, 31st October. VIPASO, Vienna Payment Solutions, announced today that it is excited to be selected by Mastercard to participate in their global, award-winning Start Path Emerging Fintech program. 

VIPASO is a start-up dedicated to payments, has developed an end-to-end, independent, complete mobile payments solution:  an app-based, white label system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy for the payment process initiation between the consumer and the merchant, to be used anywhere in the world. VIPASO does not require terminals or any hardware beyond two Bluetooth-enabled devices. It catalyzes financial inclusion, especially in emerging countries. 

Mastercard Start Path is a program for hight-potential fintech startups to help them grow, scale and build the next generation commerce. The Start Path Emerging Fintech program opens its doors to startups that share the mission to connect and power an inclusive and digital economy. The program provides fintechs access to hands-on-mentoring, co-innovation opportunities and engagement with Mastercard’s global network. 

“Joining the Mastercard Start Path program is an incredible win for our team.” Says Matthias Horvath, CEO at VIPASO. “We started VIPASO with a goal to make POS (point of sale) payments simple, reliable, safe and universal. Access to Mastercard’s global network of banks, merchants, partners and digital players is a significant boost towards achieving that goal and scaling our solutions.” 

“VIPASO’s mission is to deliver accessible financial services around the world,” says Wolfgang Platz, President at VIPASO. “We are delighted to be part of the Mastercard Start Path program to deliver upon that mission and offer new innovative payment options, creating even more value in the future.” 

Mastercard Start Path Emerging Fintech welcomes fintech companies like VIPASO, who offer innovative solutions, deep skills and knowledge in payments, technology strategy, experienced team, diverse founders with relevant expertise, connecting to the wider payments ecosystem and creating a more inclusive economy. With the help of Mastercard Start Path, VIPASO is ready to become the next generation of mobile payment solutions and to achieve the goal of fostering financial inclusion in emerging markets.

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